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「Alex Amelia Pine」

Hi there! You can call me either Alex or Amelia/Amy. I'm a queer Christian, transfem (she/they), and pan lesbian!

I've been wanting to build my own website forever, so here I finally am! This will be a work-in-progress, fixer-upper of a personal site, but hopefully it can be a sort of hub for all things me! If you have any ideas or advice for the site, feel free to reach out! :3

About Me

A brief history: I grew up in a traditional conservative Christian household, and began struggling with questions of faith and gender identity around middle school. I took a lot of time deconstructing my faith and getting down to the pure roots of what it means to be truly Christian, and accepted my own identity along the way. Now I'm a transfem Believer, and I'm finally sure of who I am. With that came a new interest in queer history and activism, fighting for a better world that benefits the people living in it, and not just the few at the top. But that feels like a topic for another time.

But who am I, really? Well, I'm a gamer, writer, and tea-drinker, among other things. I've always been a storyteller, and I love exploring that through different styles of narrative writing and game design! I can always enjoy a cup of hot tea, usually Chai or English Breakfast, but I love trying new blends whenever I can. I enjoy a pretty wide variety of things, which I hope to write more about on my site here!

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