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Welcome to "Transgirl Gaming Thoughts"
The personal website of one Alex Amelia Pine!

About This Site

This site was built with the intent to have my own place, seperate from any kind of social media platform, where I can host anything I want to call mine. Links, profiles, pages, etc. To that end, I expect that this site will evolve and grow with me, as well as with my skills in HTML programming. Any advice or ideas for the site are welcome!

Beyond that, I don't have any strict goals for this place, other than to be a catch-all for whatever I want to be able to show off on a whim. I'm a gamer, a writer, and a tea-drinker, and I want this place to reflect those things, as well as my growing interest in activism and queer history. I imagine the navbar will continue to grow and evolve, maybe breaking down into more and more menues as it goes, maybe hubs with thier own navbars for more hubs? It's a thought.